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For every youngster that loves music there is always that pivotal moment of discovery. For KG it was in the early 90’s when he tuned his radio onto Kool FM, long time home of Jungle and Drum & Bass. He became obsessed with the underground sounds he would hear, fuelling his passion to one day become a D.J.

During these years KG absorbed all sorts of music. Living in Kent, he was lucky that there were several specialist record shops to keep him up to date with the latest releases. He would often be found in Biting Back Records hanging out and spending all his pocket money.

KG was a regular visitor to the legendary Music House. He always loved passing by, “You would meet a lot of people in the scene and it was a great place to network and cut new tunes. The whole vibe of hearing fresh tracks gave me the aspirations to produce my own music “, reflects KG

KG was fortunate that around that time he had a group of friends that shared a mutual passion for Drum & Bass. One of his friends managed to get hold of a computer with Reason software, “This is where it all started. Looking back its mad how far the technology has come. The production bug became infectious and we soon had a our own home studios”, remembers KG.

With the determination and the drive to become a success in the scene, KG’s tracks were starting to get played by many DJ’s in the scene. This was a dream come true for him and gave KG the encouragement to spend all his free time building bigger and better tracks.

Since 2007 KG has never looked back, releasing tracks for some of the biggest names in the scene, including Ram Records’ sister label Frequency with Stronger and Stronger; Apocalypto on Easy Records & working with established vocalists such as Mc Tali, & has produced high profile remixes for artists such as Q Project, with the infamous 2 Little 2 Late remix. This has lead to regular radio play from stations such as BBC Radio One, Kiss 100 & live DJ performances across the UK, Europe and the USA.

In 2009 KG formed his own label Talkin’ Beatz. Through the years KG had always enjoyed hookin’ up with new talent and seeing the potential in young producers. KG was contacted by a young producer from Belgium, who was keen to let him know that he really liked KG’s production sound, his name was Netsky. Down the line they got to know each other really well. Netsky was making some great tracks and this encounter led to KG releasing Lost In This World as Talkin Beatz’s debut 12”, coupled with the label boss’ own track, Life. With a foundation like this Talkin Beatz was always destined for big things.

Success breeds success and in 2010 KG is enjoying his best year yet. Runaway released on Viper Recordings kept the momentum going, gaining great DJ and radio support from the underground all the way to commercial DJs like Annie Mac on BBC Radio One.

Following a cluster of releases from KG, Talkin’ Beatz had its second release which was Love Today/Falling Apart and helped the label gain a established reputation for quality music.

Looking to the future Talkin Beatz is set to become stronger & stronger with some great new signings and future releases. KG is back in the studio doing what he does best, cookin’ up some big treats as we head into 2011!


Artist Web-Site : http://www.kgmuzik.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/kgmuzik
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/kgmuzik
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/kgtalkinbeatz
Soundcloud : http://www.soundcloud.com/kg-talkinbeatz
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